Artist’s Poetic Statement


I want to move you until you are still.

Until the water ripples rock you and waves wash your mind clean.

Until the forest fully embraces you and sunlight shows you a new way.

Until your feet connect with ground and the pulse makes you dance again.

Until you look closely just long enough and truly see how you wonder.

Until you open your mind wide and realize a painting is a window.

I want to move you until you are still.

-Nicole Ann Richardson



Artist’s Statement

Over 25 years ago, I packed away my brushes, palette knives, and paints and stopped being what I was - an artist. Three years ago, I finally threw the box of supplies away. A year later, I was painting again as though my life depended on it.

Each collection of paintings is inspired by my ongoing adventures to master more peace of mind. Upon reflection, I paint for you.

Burst explores the creation of mandalas for meditation on realization. Each painting begins with a circle (creation), which is white (illumination), cross within circle (spirit), and eight rays (infinity). The painting organically evolves, one focused and repeated, palette knife stroke at a time, until each revolution completes. It came as a surprise to find that the pure white shines to reveal the synergy of colors, textures, and aliveness found in nature.

Reflect explores the water’s surface to find it rippling apart reality in the most peaceful ways. Water reflections shift your perspective to help you see what the moving water truly reveals, rather than what you think you see. It is when we adjust our perspective, to see the true reality of what is being reflected, that we connect to the calming synergy of all living things

Ripple’s Edge explores the water ripples which rise from the depths of darkness to momentarily behold the light. At the edges of a watering hole, tucked within the dense NW autumn woods, there is an intimate dance happening in the dark. When we examine the murky edges, we appreciate the balance and beauty of life’s fleeting moments, and realize we only need to make ripples to behold more light.

Woods explores wandering deep within the forest to connect and ground with the very essence of life. The sun rays reach through the tree boughs to unexpectedly spotlight the living scene to reveal nature’s mystical moments. We become aware and appreciate that every living thing, including yourself, is uniquely created for a specific contribution to the overall sustainability of life itself.

Wonder Awhile explores the ethereal motion of light through liquid. Both sunlight and water are transparent in nature, perfectly imperfect, and effortlessly adapting to the environment. This fluidity of elements is needed to witness true depth in motion.

Fluidity explores the infinite states of agility found within the flow of light, air, and water. These substances do not move with intention to produce a result. Instead, each force of energy adapts to the other and in this changeability, is the dynamic process of life itself.